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Wood trading

In order to be successful in wood trading, getting supplies remains an asset of prime importance.
France has the largest wood reserves in the European Economic Community. Lorraine ranks third as a forest region in France.

With approximately 800,000 hectares (2 million acres) and an afforestation rate over 34 % the region of Lorraine offers an outstanding wood supply capacity. But what is even more remarkable is the variety of tree species. The geological diversity of the region partly accounts for this plentiful supply. Its chalky plateau provides fine beech plantations, on its plains and clay hills grow lofty oak-trees and in the Vosges mountains abundant fir-trees thrive. Priceless varieties of trees like the sycomore tree, the wild cherry tree or the sorb tree are to be found here.

The forest in Lorraine is Alain LAGLASSE’s field of competence. He knows it well, even the most secret places. There, his talent helps him find varieties of wood in great demand for his customers. In order to be able to trace wood from its origin to its use, all trunks are carefully selected and marked out in the different forests, then graded according to their “slicing”, “unfolding” or “sawing” qualities.

His buying and stocking means allow him to make deliveries in short time.

Alain LAGLASSE delivers all over France, in the main countries of the EEC (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria…) and in Asia. The best in quality, price, as well as choice is the main concern of the LAGLASSE company.

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