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Producing stave boards for barrel making

In addition to its marketing activity, the LAGLASSE company produces staveboards for barrel making.
In order to hold the most valuable wines, barrels have to be flawless. That is why stave board manufacturing demands a great knowhow, from the selection to the final stocking of the wood.
The wood used for stave board manufacturing is top quality oakwood.
The wood billet being processed into stave boards follows a 6-stage procedure. From the raw material to the final product there is an estimated 80 % loss.

1- Cleaving : this traditional technique allows staying in the grain of the wood and thus guarantees a maximum resistance and watertightness.
2- Hewing : during that stage the wood is cut along the grain with the help of a laser device.
3- Thickness calibration : during this process the pieces are gauged to a 32 mm thickness.
4- Width calibration : the pieces are gauged according to their width.
5- Sorting : the pieces are brought together according to their length and carefully tested (texture, grain, knots…)

Pilling-up : after a second testing, the stave boards are placed on pallets. The LAGLASSE company uses two techniques for the piling-up operation : piling-up on laths and ventilated piling-up. Thus the stave boards benefit from the ventilation required all through the seasoning time.

The pieces are sold at a 27 mm thickness..
The stave boards are offered in lengths of 90 to 110 cm and the bottom parts of 45 to 80 cm. All the pieces have a 3 cm oversize
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