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LAGLASSE Ltd is a company specialized in wood trading and wood processing. Its capital account is valued at 92,000€. It employs 19 people and has an annual turnover of 4,000,000€. Its head office and workshop are located in Varize.

Its founder Alain LAGLASSE, in the same way as many workers and farmers before him, liked being an occasional woodcutter in the forests of Lorraine. He got a passion for wood and in 1986 he made it his trade.

He set up “LAGLASSE Ltd” a company dealing with forest working.

He started all by himself, summoning up all his unfailing courage by working extremely hard. The first years were very trying, but the company made progress and since 1991, it has developed significantly.
In 1994 he gave up forest working to devote himself to wood trading.
In 1996 his son Jérôme joined the company and developed wood processing together with high-quality product manufacturing such as stave board manufacturing (wood used to make barrel staves) on the Hayes manufacturing site.

He achieved great success and, to be able to keep pace with this new situation, Alain LAGLASSE opened the Varize site, close to the Paris-Strasbourg motorway in 1998. This site spreads over more than 4 hectares (10 acres). It has a stocking area with a spring-water sprinkling equipment and a workshop for the manufacture of stave boards.

Alain LAGLASSE’s philosophy can be summed up in one word :

"passion of wood and forest"

For that purpose he has been following a policy of quality centred on the supply of his products, a pricing policy adapted to the market and a policy of delivery meeting deadlines and his commitments.

Bolstered by his success with French and European customers, he is now involved in world business. His company already works in China and is preparing to set up new markets in Asia.

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