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Alternatives products : staves, blocks  and chips

Staves are an alternative and economic solution to give to the wine the structure and the flavours consumers like.
The LAGLASSE company produces and sells high quality staves. His geographic location, his knowledge and the technics employed are the key of the exceptional quality of his products.

The soil : the Vosges.

The Vosges mountains, located in the East of France, have the reputation to be one of the most famous soil for French oak. The oak which Laglasse uses, has a very thin grain and can develop incomparable aromas.

Drying the wood in the open air

The wood is stored in the open air on the stocking area and it liberates , step by step, his tannin and his dampness. After 12 months on the stocking area, it is ready to give its most delicate aromas.

A tidy manufacturing

A stave has 970 mm length, 47 mm width and 7 mm thickness. A hole of 12 mm can be pierced in each piece. The production needs a 6 stage process :

  1. cleaving
  2. width calibration
  3. length calibration
  4. piercing
  5. planing

Every stave of the production is rigourously controlled.

Induction heating

Heating induction assures a constant quality in toasting and the heating level determine the aromatic profile of the wood.
A light heating to 180 ° gives a soft wooded flavour with a nice vanilla flavour.
A medium heating to 190° lets the oak give all the fullness of its aromas.
A heavy toasting level gives more intensity in the smoked aromas and make free strong flavours of coffee, vanilla, honey and spices.

The union between the fruit and the wood give robust wines with roundness.

Special packaging for export

The staves are placed on plastic pallets and are conditioned under synthetic film. So they keep their quality during transport.

The LAGLASSE staves have the benefit of an exceptional soil, of a controlled process, of a induction heating and a special packaging. The staves will give you entire satisfaction and we can send samples of them on request.

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